Slim Down in 7 Days: 4 Extra Benefits of Venus Factor

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Brad Howard through a video call while he was in Baltimore attending an industry event with a colleague of mine named Mike. Brad is the chief marketing officer of Venus Factor, and he was kind enough to give a more detailed explanation of what the Venus Factor program is and what benefits you get by joining.

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Mike: Why is Venus Factor different from other programs?

Brad: It’s different because it’s made especially for women.

Women think that diets are for them – it’s NOT. Most diets are mostly engineered around men. It’s not that it doesn’t work – you CAN do a man’s diet, but it’s more difficult to get results out of it.

This program is based on the latest hormone research. If you were to do the research yourself, you’d have to buy the journals, and even then you’d still have to make sense of what is being reported. Many researches are filled with “shifty stuff” in order to attract more funding to them.

John (the creator of the program), uses his extensive experience in the field of human nutrition to find only the best information that works RIGHT NOW so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure things out by yourself.

So, Venus Factor is different because it’s catered specifically to the female body. Everything in the program is customized depending on specific measurements each woman has – this means it’s mostly engineered around YOUR particular body.

More importantly, it’s designed to work faster and not interfere with your life, so you don’t have to worry whether your diet will be affected when you hangout with your friends and family.

Extra benefit #1: The Venus Immersion community

Mike: So what does a potential Venus go through when they buy your program?

Brad: Firstly, there’s the main program, which you can find out about at our website: It contains the absolute essentials you need to get started getting results – some women have reported to lose lbs in their first week!

What I want to mention is that, by joining the program, you also get a free trial to Venus Immersion, which is our fantastic community of real women who have gone through the program or are just starting out.

Inside Immersion, John and Brad are going to be there with you for 8 months, as you transform your life. There is so much audio with new research coming out every month in this field, and what Brad and John really do is declutter your mind so you always have the upper hand of knowing what’s going on and you can rest easy knowing you are always in good hands.

Basically, what this does for you is, when you join the complete Venus Factor program (including the Immersion community and the extra steps explained below), you end up saving money by not buying all the other stuff you would buy if you didn’t join. So we help people save money to spend on their quality of life.

You see, the average woman that has tried to lose weight has bought about 10 programs. Maybe they’ve lost a little bit of weight here and there, but nothing really sticks. We created Venus Factor and Immersion to be a safe haven – a place where women can finally be and feel they belong.

Click here to join the Venus Immersion community

Extra benefit #2: The Final Phase

Mike: What else can a woman get besides the main program? What else do you have available?

Brad: Besides the main program, we have what we call the “Final Phase”.

Basically, this is the more advanced class. When a woman starts a diet program, many of them don’t know there are special considerations as they get leaner. They end up getting stuck on a plateau. This means: their body does lose weight, but since their body is “average”, they don’t get attention anymore.

The Final Phase talks about these special considerations: it gives a convergence point to aim for. It talks about additional nutritional information. It also talks about proportions and body shape, new workouts tailored to this phase, and what’s going to come next and the challenges you’ll run into so you can come up the curve and improve above average.

In short, while Venus Factor is about dieting to get you closer to the average weight, Final Phase is about REALLY getting into shape – to get that appealing hourglass figure and create a vision of a body that makes you feel good.

All the videos and audios and ebooks you can read and watch on your phone – so it really fits a busy woman’s lifestyle whether your picking up kids at school or down at the gym while you’re working out.

Mike: OK, let’s talk more about the main program and the community. What haven’t you told us?

Brad: The main program is a 12 week system that covers the basics. We really go into the leptin sensitivity issue that women have versus men. We also point out that the diet plan is designed so that you actually get to eat more as you get leaner.

There’s also the Venus Factor virtual nutritionist, which is a software that gets things “done for you”.

So basically what it does is, you just punch in your numbers – your bust, waist, and hip measurements and other factors like your age – and the software spits out the nutrition plan that you need to jump into. We’ve designed this virtual nutritionist to really fit into your current lifestyle, so you don’t have to do any drastic changes.

You see, we have this philosophy inside the program we call “Winning the Week”.

We designed this program for women who don’t want people to know that you’re on a diet until you start getting results. Being on a diet can really be strict on your social life – especially for business people.

For example, when you’re out having lunch with your colleagues, and you’re eating a salad while everyone else is eating “real food”, it doesn’t fit – there’s no bonding going on.

So the Venus Factor is a “covert” program. Winning the Week is about taking all your action when nobody is looking. Nobody should even know your dieting!

The program is designed so you have both flexibility and structure. This means the program doesn’t restrict that you have to eat this on this hour. You can appear “normal” in your daily social life while you secretly lose weight when you are on your own.

In other words: you make it look effortless!

(People tend to say you’re a genius when you make things look effortless)

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As for Venus Immersion, there’s a real team in the community. If something doesn’t work, don’t do it. If you ask a question, real people answer. This community saves your time and helps you adjust to your new body weight.

You can ask any questions you have in a coaching call that’s held every 2 weeks. You can ask anything, and we cover the sticky points of going through the program. There are podcasts that talk about what’s brand new, and also a lot of myth busting – so women can get the inside “gossip” on what’s happening.

I also want to mention that, if you check out the before and after shots of women who have lost weight, they’re not even the best ones. The best ones are inside Immersion, because many women don’t feel comfortable sharing their pictures with the general public. We have all sorts of women – some of them doctors – so if you want to know the really unbelievable transformations, you can only see them inside the community.

The best part is: you can meet these people. They’re real women, living everyday lives, and you can meet them and they will tell you what they’ve done. This is so you can reverse engineer the process and fit the program better to your lifestyle.

Mike: Wow, that is a LOT to go through. It sounds like Immersion is really the place to be. What more do you find women usually need help with?

Extra benefit #3 & #4: Done for you cookbook and Slim in 7

Brad: We also have a done-for-you cookbook. This is pretty simple and straight forward – it’s a recipe book that we made because women need different recipes than men.

This cookbook is pretty popular in our version of the program for men, the Adonis Golden Ratio. It really saves the hassle of thinking “What should I cook today?”. Because, they’re men, right? Men don’t like to think so much :)

We also have the very, very advanced accelerated class, called “Slim in 7″.

Just like it sounds, this is for women who have an event coming up, like a photoshoot or a wedding. Basically, it’s a set of water manipulation tips and tricks to help you slim down in 7 days.

Women bloat easier than men, so this advanced class helps them use that to their advantage and be able to look slimmer in just 7 days.

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Mike: OK, that’s awesome. So, there’s a lot to the Venus Factor besides just the main program, but you can’t get to the extra benefits – from being normal to being absolutely gorgeous, without taking the first step, right?

Brad: Right – all the extra benefits are made only available to women who join the basic program. We really created a program that has everything you’ll ever need – the whole gamut – so you don’t have to pay for anything else, ever.

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