Venus Factor: Drop 3 Sizes in a Week

I LOVE seeing people’s transformations.

At 5′ 2” and 130 lbs, Lisa is a stunning woman in her late 30s. She works in HRD at one of the food and beverage companies in Toronto. Having 2 kids, a girl and a boy both a year apart, and a husband who can be honest with her, you might say that Lisa Etwell has it all.

But it wasn’t always like this for Lisa. In fact, she has never been so fit before in her life. In her own words, Lisa has always been “short, but never small.”

She was always a size 12 to 14 in her younger days. During her “back to back” pregnancy, Lisa climbed up to 212 lbs, and every part of her body ached during birth.

In December 2009, she weighed in at 180 lbs. During dinner, her young boy would look at the “tire around her tummy” and ask, “Mom, why do you have that and I don’t?”

Not exactly an easy question to answer.

Slimming down to a more slender shape had always plagued her thought for years.

How it is possible at 38 years old that I’m going to be able to change now?

If I try to lose weight and it doesn’t work for me, I’ll be committed to this body forever!

Those were the fears that were preventing her. Fortunately for her, Lisa has a brother that spent 2 years researching ways to help her lose those extra pounds and become a shining example for her children.

So, she followed what her brother told her to do. She started a plan.

She did it without spending hours doing cardio at the gym (which she hates, by the way). She was able to do it without a restrictive diet. She kept eating her “guilty” foods, including pasta, bread, chips, potatoes and rice.

Even so, she saw results immediately: during the first weeks, she lost 3-4 lbs per week!

Fast forward 5 months later, Lisa lost 53 lbs and dropped 12 sizes.

Now, no more spare tires around her stomach. She is visibly the best in shape around the table.

Visit the official Venus Factor blog and hear Lisa talk with her brother John about how she dropped 12 sizes in 5 months:

How Lisa did it

I share with you this true story of transformation, because I believe it’s important to know WHY you want to lose the weight that you do.

Maybe, like Lisa, you have 2 young children and you want to set an example for them. Maybe, you’re still single and you’re having a hard time attracting eligible men (the type YOU like, at least).

Maybe, you’re just sick and tired of hating your body every time you look in the mirror.

But like Lisa – and hundreds other real life women – losing weight doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, also like Lisa, you could be losing 3-4 lbs by next week.

Lisa Etwell is the sister of John Barban, who created the Anything Goes Diet. This diet proved to be so successful for Lisa and countless other women that John continued his work and developed the Venus Index Systems.

John started almost 5 years ago. Now, he has perfected his system even more in the Venus Factor.

The Venus Factor isn’t a “fad” diet. It isn’t a magic pill, or a gimmick promise.

It is a proven, tested system based on John’s intensive knowledge of nutrition and the human body. Remember, it took him 2 years to discover the original “formula”, and then more so to perfect it.

The #1 secret behind Venus Factor

I’ll tell you first what it isn’t.

It doesn’t involve heavy machine lifting. It doesn’t involve heavy cardio. You won’t go on restrictive diets, and you won’t be swallowing any latest “berry pills” that get promoted by celebrity doctors.

It’s a true, long term weight loss plan based on one most important factor: an underrated hormone.

This hormone is a nasty little devil, if you don’t get it right. When this hormone is high in your body, it burns more fat faster – but when it’s low, it actually stores fat.

Women have twice as much of this hormone as men, however they are 3 times less responsive. Which means, when you are low on this hormone, you gain weight twice as fast as any man!

In his video, John explains the 2 major factors that you need to control in order to get this hormone working for you, instead of against you:

Secret video

What you get from Venus Factor

This is what makes up the Venus Factor program. It focuses on getting the right nutrition for you body, based on how the female body works – because, as it turns out, women need a different approach than men when wanting to lose weight.

It’s a 12 week fat loss system, designed for every woman. Even if you have no time (too much work and family life to do), even if you think you have terrible genetics and slow metabolism, by using the nutrition plan inside you’ll be able to lose weight as fast as Lisa.

The Venus Factor tells you what to eat and when. It also makes losing 10 lbs look like 20, because it focuses on where you visually need to lose it the most!

You can even eat pizza, pasta, ice cream and chocolate if you want – but only at the right time.

You can do the additional workouts from home. Whether you want to strengthen and tone your body, or erase stubborn cellulite, the exercises are based on specific strategies for women. You actually do shorter, less intense workouts – which means in less time and with less stress.

The cost of getting a great body … or not

At the time of this writing, the cost of the basic package is $47 – which includes 143 premium videos showing the specific workouts John has created for you. You also get a complimentary trial to Venus Immersion – which is a membership forum where almost 100,000 women have joined.

The membership is free for the first month, and then $79 per month if you decide to stay. If you stay for more than 8 months, then you will no longer be charged for a lifetime (so that’s about $632 total, $679 if you include the basic package).

It sounds expensive, but many women swear by the forum because it gives them the sisterhood of support they need. In fact, many of the members have meetups and become friends.

In short: the proof is there, the step by step plan is there, it’s only a matter of how bad do you want it?

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Other women (who now affectionately call themselves “Venuses”) have tasted how great it feels to look good. They can’t wait to get on the scale, can’t wait to see how they look in the mirror – and get praise from people all day long.

The truth is: being overweight isn’t that bad, but it isn’t exactly pleasant either.

You feel a little ashamed when you order food at a restaurant. You feel how you look affects every part of your life (and to a degree, it does). But the most dangerous part of being overweight is hating your own reflection in the mirror – and that is a price too expensive to pay.

I believe that every person deserves to live their best life, and Lisa is a fantastic example of that.

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